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To keep everything fresh, this year’s entries must have been introduced after January 1, 2020. Please see the ten categories below:

Best Color Combo Card. Nothing sets a mood like color, and we’re seeking the most alluring examples. Don’t forget to include color or kraft envelopes!

Best New Product Line. Show us your new collections for 2020! We are seeking standout illustration and copy, as well as a distinctive cohesion across the range.

Best Noted Mailer. As Noted 2020 has been canceled, we are no longer accepting submissions for this category. We know a lot of careful effort goes into these, so we were looking forward to seeing — and share — what you’re sending out! Please look for this category to return next year.

Best Tear Jerker Card. This special category is reserved for those cards that splendidly capture and share heartfelt emotions during challenging or celebratory moments in life.

Best Use of Profanity Card. Some may call these blasphemous, but we’re seeking the true visionaries of this vulgar vein.

Most Beautiful Card. Send us your best and brightest dazzlers!

Most Encouraging Card. Whether it conveys a sender’s empathy or congratulations, submit your uplifting design here!

Printing Innovation. This category highlights individual cards or ranges that utilize newer, cutting-edge or unexpected printing processes or formats.

Smart Marketing. Describe (with images if possible) wholesale initiatives undertaken since May 2019 to capture the interest of retailers and increase sales for everyone. Whether it was a special offer or a social media campaign, we want to hear all about it!

Snarkiest Card. Let’s go beyond “ok boomer” to get your most sarcastic offerings (for real!).